Beavers Bend, OK

My friend Karen is always sharing photos from her “Happy Place” and they are always gorgeous! So when she invited us out for a weekend, we jumped on it. Beavers Bend is located in southeast Oklahoma on Broken Bow Lake. The area is very close to the Talimena Scenic Byway so the roads are hilly and winding, surrounded by nature.

Beavers Bend is becoming quite the tourist spot with popular restaurants like Grateful Head Pizza (people come from all over for a bite of this pizza), breweries, and wineries with fun names like “Girls Gone Wine”. Once you turn off of US-259N you will twist and turn through the park, eventually coming up on the marina and Broken Bow Lake. What a sight it is!

Aerial view of Beavers Bend Marina at Broken Bow Lake photo courtesy of Karen Allen

Beavers Bend Marina is the only marina on Broken Bow Lake and it has a limited number of boat slips. Most of the houseboat owners on Broken Bow Lake enjoy their piece of paradise every chance they get, which makes it easy to get to know all the neighbors. So much so, they consider themselves family.

As soon as we arrived, Karen was waiting to greet us and introduce us to her marina family. THE VIEW!! WOW! It’s like being in the most peaceful spot on earth, on the water surrounded by nature. Then there’s the people! Everyone was so warm and inviting. You can’t help but be happy here!

Broken Bow Lake

Dinner preparations started shortly after we arrived. Karen’s neighbor Doug fired up the grill and everyone brought over their steaks to be cooked, which he did to perfection. It was a community event as one person brought salad, another brought homemade garlic bread and baked potatoes. That evening we ate on Joan and Doug’s beautiful houseboat, listened to stories from “the family”, and made plans to fish early the next day.

Swing hung from a mechanism Doug designed and fabricated
so Joan can turn her swing any direction she wants to face.
Perfect for catching the sunrise AND the sunset!

Later that evening, we walked over to another houseboat where we met more marina family…and Mary. Mary is a 74 year old woman who is full of life and out partied all of us that night. She set the tone for the rest of the evening as she played DJ, sipped on her whiskey and called for shots. Mary has a wonderful sense of humor and tells you exactly what is on her mind, no filter. We all need a Mary in our life. We met several other marina family members that night. Although, not really related, you can feel the love and see how much this group truly cares for one another and looks after each other.

Needless to say, after the previous night’s antics, we did not get up at 7 am to go fishing! LOL Instead, we rose to the tail end of a sunrise…it was BEAUTIFUL! The sunlight dancing on the water is something to see. Sunrise – 11am is also the time to spot bald eagles around Broken Bow Lake.  Although the bald eagles begin their journey south in mid-to-late November, December-February are the best months to spot them in Oklahoma. They begin their journey north in early March. Even though we didn’t see any eagles that day, you can easily imagine them here.
Broken Bow Lake is the perfect backdrop for the majestic bird.

Sunrise photo courtesy of Karen Allen
Who was the only one up early enough to witness it LOL
Broken Bow Lake

Karen treated us to a tour of the area after breakfast. She took us to Beavers Bend State Park where the Mountain Fork River runs through it. You will find kayak, canoe, and paddle boat rentals in the park as well as many hiking trails. There are two particularly interesting spots in the park, the dam and the fly fishing area. The water looks like glass until it tumbles over the dam. You can also feel the chill of the water in the air as you stand by the water.

Mountain Fork River, park dam
Mountain Fork River, park dam

Driving over to another part of Mountain Fork River, you will find a little treasure. This part of the river has water rushing through big boulders of slate. This popular fly fishing area also has river banks lined with slate. The dam and the slate banks are both spectacular and worth the short walk to get to them.

Slate banks at the fly fishing spot.
Slate banks at the fly fishing spot.

No doubt there will be a return visit when the weather is warmer! Next time, we will make the drive on the motorcycle and be ready for some fun on the water with our newly adopted marina family. Beaver Bend is truly a “Happy Place”. Thank you for sharing it with us, Karen!

Broken Bow Lake
View from the rooftop deck of Karen’s boathouse at sunset.

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