Shiplap Hand Towel Holder

When we remodeled the bathroom, we discovered shiplap on the walls! It wasn’t the pretty, clean, shiplap you see on TV. Mine had bent/broken nails and holes from previous repairs. It also had original wallpaper remains, so we decided to finish the walls with new shiplap (more on the bathroom remodel later). 

I did save several pieces of the old shiplap for future projects, one being a hand towel holder. The piece I chose for the project had carpenter’s notes on it from when the bathroom was built and tacks and threads from the original wall paper. You can even see a fleck of the old wallpaper on the corner!

I had seen a similar project online a while back and knew I’d make it someday. I searched the internet for two, metal, camping mugs. They usually come in cobalt blue, red, and white, but I found these fun yellow ones with the blue rim. I found them here, on Amazon. The other item I had to make sure I had was the correct drill bit for drilling through metal (hello Home Depot!). I dug through my toolbox and found a few self-tapping screws from a previous project and a picture hanger (I always keep a stash of those).

I drilled a hole in the first mug from the inside, then I screwed in into the location I wanted it on the shiplap.

I played with the positioning of the second mug. When I was happy with it, I marked a spot on the side that would be screwed into the shiplap.

Oops! Chips happen, but it won’t be seen. This is the side that will be facing the shiplap.

The top mug was a little tricky to screw. I made a pilot hole in the wood, threaded the screw through the hole, then I finger tightened the screw. All that was left to do after that is add the picture hanger on the back and dress it up with local (silk) wildflowers (Blue Bonnets and Indian Paintbrushes)!

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