Hello from the Center of the Universe!

It’s the first day of a brand new year! 365 chances to fill your life with beautiful stories, so let the adventures begin!

Pearl District – Tulsa, Oklahoma

2019 started in Tulsa, Oklahoma for me. My sweetheart and I kicked off the year in The Pearl District with a little history and a delicious breakfast. This part of Tulsa is currently undergoing rebirth and restoration. It was named “Pearl District” after discovering that an old part of Peoria Ave, which cuts through the district, was formally called “Pearl”. The district boasts beautiful Art Deco architecture such as The Tulsa Fire Alarm Building which is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and colorful history thanks to Tulsa’s 1930’s “Central Park Gang”. The Central Park Gang was mostly made up of Alcatraz sentenced burglars and highway robbers. They once terrorized Pearl District using the area as meeting space and storage for weapons.

The Pearl District is also the home of Bramble Breakfast and Bar. It sits on the corner of S. Peoria and E. 6th St. They are in a trendy brick building with industrial decor. This was a cozy place to warm up with a drink, talk to locals, and decide on the next stop of our New Years Day adventure.

Chandeliers, light fixtures, and crystals, oh my!
Bloody Mary and “nothing comPEARS to you” cocktail….BYO funny cocktail napkins 😉
Bramwhich Bowl and Bacon&Bourbon pancakes with a side of latkes.
Cirque Coffee – Pearl District

We decided on finding the “Center of the Universe” in downtown Tulsa.
It is located directly northwest of the old Union Train Depot which is now the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame and just steps from another Tulsa landmark, the “Artificial Cloud”.

1992 “Artificial Cloud” by sculptor Robert Haozous. Look closely at this sculpture, it displays cut-outs of jet planes tumbling and human figures with limbs missing.
Grab an electric scooter to make getting around downtown fun. They are all over Tulsa!
Happy New Year from the Center of the Universe!
Center of the Universe, 1 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74103

We almost missed it, this obscure circle of bricks is located on a pedestrian bridge that goes over railroad tracks, it is known as “The Center of the Universe”. This spot was voted as the most romantic destination in Oklahoma by Travel+Leisure in 2017.

As the legend goes, when you stand in the center, your voice will reverberate back. Some say this phenomenon is caused by sound hitting the concrete planters which causes the echo.  Adding to the uniqueness of this spot, if you stand in the center of the circle and talk, those standing outside the circle won’t be able to hear you clearly. Voices do sound extremely distorted when heard from outside the circle.

It was an interesting experiment in 25° weather, but what a wonderful place to start the new year with my special guy – at the center of the universe!

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