Pioneer Woman

A trip to Oklahoma isn’t complete without a trip to
The Pioneer Woman Mercantile. It is located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The heart of Osage County. We hit the road early that day so we could be there right when they opened, and hopefully before the crowds.

Pawhuska, Oklahoma
Saddle up! Downtown Pawhuska

In the heart of downtown Pawhuska, you will find a uniquely beautiful five-story triangular building resembling the famous Flatiron Building located in Herald Square in New York City. This triangular piece of land was kept intact as downtown Pawhuska developed.

The building has sat boarded up for decades until recently when it re-opened as The Frontier Hotel, featuring the original marble staircase and the same old office doors.

The new Frontier Hotel

The downtown area has several shops and a few pocket parks.

Downtown Pawhuska pocket park

The mural on the side of the Osage Nation language department building is a collaboration by Albuquerque artist Jaque Fragua, NVision founder Ryan Red Corn, and associate Ben Brown. Fragua taught the kids spray-painting techniques. Together they created the mural you see below.

The mural features an Osage straight dancer standing in front of Osage letters, which translate to “Osage language.”

Osage language mural

This Pawhuska pocket park mural features multiple cattle, bison, an oil well, a boy scout, the Oklahoma state and national flags, a cowboy and the seal of the Osage Nation. The pocket park where the mural is found was once the site of the KXVQ radio station and the OK Barber buildings which burned to the ground in 1992. Rather than rebuilding the businesses, Pawhuska created a pocket park where the radio station and barbershop once stood.

Pawhuska-themed mural painted by local residents Virginia Short and Ann Livingston
Big Foot sighting at The Buckin’ Flamingo

Located on the corner of East Main and Kihekah Ave. sits The Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile. The deli was busy and so was the store, but there was plenty of room to move around and look at all the treasures.

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile – Pawhuska, Oklahoma

The store is full of home decor and kitchen wares, of course!

This little treasure came home with me 🙂
Sunshiny housewares at the Mercantile

They also have displays of branded clothes and boutique items.

Mercantile branded clothing items
The cowboy life

Heading up to the second floor you will find the bakery, complete with a coffee counter and candy counter. We planned to tour the ranch before eating lunch at The Merc, so we only ordered a coffee. The Spicey Cowgirl is definitely THE coffee to try there!

Spicy Cowgirl coffee:
cold brew coffee, chocolate sauce, vanilla extract, cinnamon, Cayenne pepper, and cream
See complete recipe HERE

We finished our snack and went to the hostess stand on the first floor to ask for tickets to tour the Drummond Ranch Lodge where Pioneer Woman is filmed. The “ticket” was a paper with directions to the lodge and a request not to share the exact location of the lodge.

They wrote out detailed instructions on how to get to the lodge which included directions like “the former ALCO store on the right is a good marker” and warnings like “one road sign was knocked over by a cow not long ago”. Still, we had no problems finding the place.

488,000 acre Drummond Ranch
The Drummond Ranch lodge

My favorites…I can’t wait to incorporate some of these ideas in our home!

Check out that shelf suspended by ropes!

While the front part of the house is set up just like you see on her show, the back of the house has a large catering kitchen and staging room. The day we were there, they had gathered props for Ree’s new cookbook.

Ree’s new cookbook props
More props – LOVE the colorful plates!

In addition to the kitchen and dining area you see on the show, the lodge also has a BEAUTIFUL view from the deck! This is were I would be if I lived there, watching sunsets and sipping wine.

Back deck of the lodge
Panoramic of the view from back deck

Shortly after leaving and turning off the Drummond Ranch, we heard a sound and watched the tire pressure gauge quickly decrease as we drove down the road. Sure enough, the sharp rock road caused us to have a flat tire. We pulled into the driveway of a neighboring ranch and my guy jumped out and got to work changing the tire so we could get back on the road.

Murphy’s Law was in full swing that day…we were in the middle of nowhere, it was 40° with 30 mph winds, no cars passing by, and part of the jack was missing – the part that unlocks the spare tire (of course).

Someone FINALLY pulled into the driveway – a ranch hand who happened to have the exact part we needed to unlock the spare tire! Gene quickly got it done so he could get us back on the road to our anticipated lunch date at the Mercatile. I was feeling pretty guilty as my cowboy laid on the gravel in his pressed jeans and alligator boots freezing and changing a tire that wouldn’t have gone flat had I not suggested a side trip to the Lodge (oops!)

My cowboy ❤

He never lost his cool. He calmly did what he needed to do and STILL wanted to take me to the Mercantile for lunch! It’s times like these that show what a person is made of. My heart almost burst that day, I am one lucky woman!

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at the Mercantile there was a two hour wait for a table. I just didn’t have the heart to ask him to wait, so I agreed to go to his choice for lunch….and that’s how we ended up at Flo’s Burger Diner in Tulsa.

Their menu is a typical burger joint menu, with an exception…STUFFED BUN BURGERS! Obviously that’s what I ordered. It was a grilled cheese sandwich used for the top bun, and another for the bottom bun. Lettuce, tomato, onions, bacon, and a meat patty topped with a slice of melted cheese completed this burger along with a side of shoe string onion rings. It was DELICIOUS, but I had to take most of it to-go. It was still delicious heated up the next day.

Stuffed crust bacon cheeseburger

And that’s how we ALMOST ate at the Mercantile LOL
Oh well, that just means we’ll have to go back again! Hopefully in warmer weather…and with a complete jack set.

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